Online Backgammon for Play

Backgammon is an ancient game especially popular throughout the Middle East, where it is often a favorite in pubs hobby. He became one of the favorite online games with regular tournaments. Here is a complete history of its origins and evolution through the ages.

Backgammon is the Anglo-Saxon version of backgammon and backgammon, themselves heirs to a great family game pieces using 72 lines already played in the Roman Empire. Backgammon is the subject of international competitions.The Backgammon belongs to the family of board games and the game of Go, is one of the gaming tables oldest. Its origin dates back to ancient Egypt where this game was called "tabula". In France, we must go back to the time of Rabelais in 1534, to find traces of this game, once called "the whole table." It was only after Napoleon was deposed he took the name of Backgammon. There are nowadays the World Championship Backgammon held each year in Monaco.

The goal is to get his checkers first preventing the opponent from advancing. Using the same talents as poker games , this game requires strategic thinking as probability theory, mixed with the luck factor. Dice called "cube" spice section during "cash games" because it doubles the stakes in the middle of the game.

The table includes 24 arrows in 4 quadrants (quarter panel) of 6 arrows each. The array is bisected by a "bar". The figure shows how the two players must place their pawns out. The march of the pawns is one way for a player and the other way for his opponent (the arrows show the respective output sense). The complete works of chips each player gets horseshoe, starting from the opposing home board to arrive in his home board to itself, which is the last step before the release of his pawns.

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