Caribbean Stud Poker

The first is called "front". It is mandatory. It is often followed by the blind. The small blind is made by the first player and the big blind by the second.

The blinds authorize speak last. It rises before him, the player in the big blind can upload. Dogfight is forced bring-in. It is made only in stud poker, the player with the open letter of less value.

The first option is to stay in the play up to the previous bet. If more than money left, the player can do "all in". If you win only bets pockets to match it. The second option is to place a bet higher than the previous. Depending on the type of bet practiced, as limit, pot limit, no limit or pot limit half, the rules concerning the value of the stakes rise may differ.

The third option is to leave the coup. The player who chooses places his cards face down in the center of the table. Lose the chips in play and takes no further part in the game. The fourth option is to not gamble but not removed either. The player who chooses the play stays. This option is allowed only when none of the participants came back up before him at the time of this play. The decisions of the players are called stakes poker the advertised when it is your turn to speak.

About Online Poker

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